Leaving th Khumbu

Day 17 October 24
The air at base camp seemed so warm and rich compared to our high camp. It is amazing what a few thousand feet of descent will do.

After a great celebration dinner and cake we all went to bed early. The soldier team, anxious for their summit, were all gone to their tents by 7:30pm. The civilian team lasted a little longer, but by 8:15 I was closing the place down.

I am very tired, just the short walk to my tent takes my breath away. Shaun was already sleeping when I c

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Detailed Summit

Day 16 October 24 Kathmandu I am back at the Hyatt in Kathmandu. We have had a great couple of days. On Monday afternoon we made our way to our Island Peak high camp. The walk starts on a flat sandy trail in the valley bottom. Quickly we started up hill. The sand soon gave way to gravel mixed with sand and then to rock. The rock alternated between gentle sloping to steep stairs to easy scrambling. We made our way up a steep cleft in the mountain. Two hours and fifteen minutes later we stepped o

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Day 15 October 23 SUMMIT

Day 15 October 23 SUMMIT The first wave (civilian) made it to the Summit of Island Peak early this morning. 100% success. It was a tough, windy, cold and long day. We are all back at BC now and the soldiers head up tomorrow. The civilian team, me included, fly out of the valley by helicopter tomorrow morning. I will post a full dispatch from my hotel in Kathmandu. Right now I am cold and tired and going to bed.

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The Summit Push Is On

This will be my last dispatch for a couple of days as we head up the mountain for oursummit push. After lunch today we will move to high camp and then at 3am on October 23 we will start for the top. We should summit mid morning and then be back at base camplater that day. The weather looks good and everyone is healthy. Wish us luck, Scott. Susan, the PDA just crashed and I had to re-set it. I lost all the emails. I can not send you an email at this time. I will fix it when we get back from t

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