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Hi everyone, I returned home a week ago. Sorry I have not posted until now. I had a good flight from Kathmandu to Hong Kong and spent a night in Hong Kong with some friends. I want to say thank you to Jeff and Christie for being such great hosts for my short stay in your home. It was a pleasure. It was also great to see Eddy. What a coincidence that he was in Hong Kong at the same time as me. From Hong Kong I flew to Vancouver and then home.
Upon arrival in Toronto I was met be Susan, Amy and C

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Namche to Lukla

May 27 Namche to Lukla
Last night was spent in luxury at the Camp de Base hotel in Namche. For $25 Angus and I got a double room with a bathroom and a shower. The hotel sits one street up off the main hub so it is quite quiet for sleeping.
There is no heat in the rooms, but they still felt very warm compared to what we have been used to. I really wanted to have a shower as I had not had a real shower in six or seven weeks, but the cool temperature of the room was not welcoming. I decided to

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Base Camp to Namche May 25-26

Sunday May 25. BC to Deboche 3800m. Today I left base camp to start my journey home. I have spent a long time living at base camp and it did become a temporary home, but it is time to go to my real home. Ryan stayed behind for an additional day to recover. He will join us in Kathmandu. There was no big party last night. We had beer and wine with dinner, but not much was touched. Our bodies are in recovery mode right now and did not want any alcohol. I slept alright last night, but not great. I g

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The Descent from Summit to BC

May 21 The Descent to Camp 4
I spent about 30 minutes on the summit of Mount Everest. The views were spectacular, but I was not really in a state of mind to appreciate it. I sat around for a while at 8850m without my mask on and started to feel the affects of the lack of oxygen. I had a difficult time breathing and walking around and my memory was not so good.
It did not really feel real. I thought it was a dream. Did I really do this. It is such a huge project and commitment and so few peop

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