The Final Ama Dablam Dispatch

The following dispatch will wrap up this expedition. It will sum up our departure from Base Camp to my return home.
We departed Ama Dablam BC on November 26. We hiked for 7 hours to Namche Bazar. It was a beautiful hike and I enjoyed it much more that I did on the way in when I was so sick and feeling the effects of the altitude. We stayed in the Tawa Lodge and had a great meal and a comfortable sleep.
The next day we hiked to Lukla which took about 6.5 hours and was also a beautiful hike. We

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Back in Katmandu

Hi everyone. Angus and I are back in Katmandu. Thanks to access to a pharmacy and lower elevation I am starting to feel better. I hope to be home in a week and will post a full update at that point.

Thanks for following along.


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Ama Dablam Summit

Congratulations to Angus, Chris, and Cering who made the summit of Ama Dablam on November 23 at approximately 11am. They started from camp 2 around 1am, got to the summit and returned safely to camp 2. I will have more news when they return to base camp later today. The Yaks will come in on the 25th or the 26th and we will start to make our way home. Thanks to everyone for your messages of support. I am feeling better, but am dissapointed with my results. Scott.

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Back at BC, Sick & Tired

I am now back in base camp. My summit bid is over. My GI issues have literally and figuratively knocked the crap out of me. Recovery at altitude is very difficult and I was never able to fully kick it. My trip to Camp 1 was very difficult. Once at C1 I had a terrible night with little to no sleep. I had a small fever in the night and every muscle and joint in my body ached. I have also developed an additional medical condition as a result the GI issues that has made all movement painful. I mad

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