We are extremely grateful to the following companies who have supported us in our climbs:


Jett have supplied Paul and Fiona with heat vests to use on their 2007 Expedition. Paul will wear it under his down suit above C3. This product has won many awards, but it hasn’t been tested in the extreme cold of high altitude mountaineering, so we are interested to see how it performs. We used Hotronic foot warmers in 2006 and were very impressed with them, so hopefully the vest will work well.

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In order to track Paul's positioning on Google Earth, OHARARP LLC have supplied Paul with a GPS Data Logger. This records location information at pre-set time intervals and has a long-life battery to enable Paul to use it with minimal power requirements.  It's convenient as it can transmit the signal from within the top pocket of his pack.

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iMapping Ltd

Paul would also like to thank the iMapping team for their Geo Location services and assistance with including his GPS location data on Google Earth.

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Medisport Ltd

Medisport in NZ supplied Paul with a SpiroTiger Sport - a device used in training to increase the capacity of the respiratory muscles.  It consists of a hand held unit with a respiratory pouch and a basic station. The monitoring electronics allow people to train safely and in a specific manner.  Paul's been using this everyday since early January and has built up to using a 3.5 litre bag for half an hour.  He's also received lots of advice from the Medisport team and believes that this training will help a lot with high altitude.

Click here for more information on the product, or direct any enquiries to medisportltd@gmail.com.


Psolar have provided Paul with a balaclava and mask for use on Everest this year.  Their products are designed to heat an moisten the air before its enhaled, whilst also keeping you warm. We're hopeful that using something like this might help prevent or lessen problems with throat infections that Paul suffered from last year.

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Luxury Lite Gear

Thanks to these guys, Fiona and I won't be sleeping straight on the glacier the whole time we're at basecamp because we'll have a low-rise bed each.  These are not too tall so that you don't find yourself face-to-face with the ceiling in your tent.  Also they're light, strong and easy to put together.  Thanks guys!

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Gu Sports and Blueline Sports

These guys provided Gu Energy gels and sports drinks for us to use while on Everest.  We found these products to be very useful on our 2006 expedition and also use them for long rides and races.  On our climb last year, we had several days when these were our only source of energy for many hours.

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Bogong Equipment

Bogong Equipment supplied much of our high altitude climbing equipment at a discounted price, including our Millet Down suits. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff were always happy to help out with our requests for obscure gear.

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