Contact Me

For general messages, please use this site to post me a message - I receive these every day and will respond as soon as I can.  (To send a message, just click on the "Add New Message" link at the bottom of each new update.)


If you have a private message (for Fiona or I), please:

Click here to send us an email through this website - to stop spam, you need to be logged in to use this service.  If you don't already have an account, you can create one for free here Or if you have any problems setting up an account, send an email to:

You can also call us on our mobile (cell) phones:

Paul Adler - 0418 308 083 Fiona Adler - 0418 321 680

While We're Away

If you need to get in touch while we are away, please contact Nick Grainger - our website moderator.  Nick will be in daily communication with us and is the best chance of getting messages through.

Nick's mobile is - 0425 769 781 Or click here to send Nick an email

Media Enquiries

Throughout the climb, we can be contacted for interviews via satellite phone.  For any media enquiries, please contact either Paul or Fiona.


If calling from outside of Australia, just drop the '0' and add '+61' at the start.