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Hi everyone,

I'm very happy to announce that this is the last time I'll be posting about WOMOW because we've now reached our goal of 10,000 customer ratings.  In 11 months, we've seen WOMOW grow from just an idea on a piece of paper, to a fully fledged website with a thriving community of passionate raters.  I am personally very excited about this milestone, not just because it's been one of my major goals, but because it means that lots of people share the vision to create a resource that gives more power to consumers and levels out the playing field for businesses.  (Great to find out that I'm not the only crazy one who thinks this can work!)  The exciting thing about WOMOW is that it really has the potential to change the way we make a lot of our purchasing decisions.

By the way, if you're in Australia, have you rated the businesses you use yet?  You know, the ones you tell your friends about because you know they provide great service.  If not, do your neighbours a huge favour by letting them know about the best mechanics, health professionals, hairdressers, gyms, restaurants, shops, children's services, and really any other type of business that you're glad you've found.  It's quick to rate businesses and what better way to recognise the business owner's efforts than by letting others know about them?  WOMOW now operates in all Australian capital cities and many regional areas will be coming on board over the next few months - so wherever you are, you can find the best businesses on

Although this marks the end of the blog, don't think it's any kind of end for WOMOW!  In fact, I think we're only now at the starting blocks.  We've still got lots to do to take this forward so frankly, I don't think I'll have time for blogging!  Recently we've had several days where WOMOW has received a new rating every 5 minutes.  We don't check the actual ratings, but when a business is rated for the first time, we do check that they're a real business and make sure that their contact details are correct and as complete as possible.  So that alone keeps us pretty busy. 

We're also making lots of improvements to the site - thanks everyone for your input, you'll be seeing some of these changes in the next couple of weeks.  Plus we've still got lots of other ideas to work on - not least of which is how to get the site commercially viable!  But we're working on that and not in any hurry.  So long as people are using the site more and more and businesses are telling us that they're getting new customers from WOMOW, we're more than happy.  We're still on track to become profitable in 2035! :)

Thanks so much to everyone for your support on this journey so far.  And if you have any thoughts on WOMOW, please feel free to contact us here.

Signing off for now,


Love your work

Hi Fiona,
Thanks for sharing the journey with us. Great to see you rocked on through the 10,000 rating milestone and I can see it growing exponentially from here. Looking forward to crawling out of my editing studio soon so I can go to a restaurant or two just so I can add some ratings :-)


Jill, Dallas, TX
So glad to hear that you have reached this milestone. However, I'm one of the ones who has been monitoring this site since its inception - when you and Paul were on Everest the first time. I almost felt as if we were friends by the time Paul hit the summit last year (or was it the year before that?). Anyway, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would really like an update on your lives right now. How is your child doing (how about a picture)? What are you and Paul up to in the way of adventure. You cannot just "drop" us - let us down gradually (smile). Thank you!

Congratulations Fiona...

On the 10,000th WOMOW Customer Ratings....

Congrats on 10,000 WOMOW ratings!

Whoo, whoo!!! You did it under a years time! Fantastic! You had the idea, you planned and prepared well, showed great determination, work ethic and drive. You basically did what it took to get the job done....ummm....sounds similar to climbing Everest!!!

Well done, Fiona!


well done. here's to 10000 more !!!! regards[]


Hi Fiona,

Brilliant work on WOMOW - great site and wonderful to see you've reached your goal of 10,000 ratings. Congratulations!

Tina Paterson.

Just blown away

Blown away…. I can only imagine embarking on such a journey. Everyone here deserves a pat on the back for even attempting something like this. You have my respect. If anyone wants to chat here is my web site info:


hey everyone
how r u all