Next adventure ... may or june 2011 !!!

Hi there everyone,

It's been a long time I haven't blog. Since my trip to Alaska last year (may 2009), I haven't been doing much in adventure !!! I met this new guy, moved into another city, changed job, bought a house... Well, that's some kind of adventure, isn't it ?? I've been doing some hikes and treks around my place back here in Quebec city, province of Quebec, Canada !!! There is a lot to see even if it's not that high !!&nb

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Alaska Seminar 1

Hi there,

It's been a while !!!! So many things happened in the last few months, since my return from Mount Rainier. I will put more details in a few days.

For now, let me introduce my new upcoming adventure!!! I'm going on an Alaska Seminar with RMI Guides company. Leaving this monday, may 11th. Flying to Anchorage and starting the seminar on the 13th.

I will be on the glacier for about 10 days. Will learn a lot about mountaineering, will climb and will experi

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Mont Rainier no 11


Saturday, september 27th

First thing this morning: I go shopping at REI(Recreational Equipment Inc.). WOW! What an amazing place! You should see this outdoor gear store... It's like " La Cordée " here in Quebec times 15, and more... There is an indoor climbing wall in the middle of the store, about 65 feet high. Outside and around the building, there is a bikin

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Mont Rainier no 10


Thursday, september 25:

I was about to tell you about Mount St-Helens. I left the bunkhouse in Ashford on thursday morning and I drove to Johnston Ridge Observatory, where you can see Mount St-Helens in all its splendor. Un fortunately, the day was overcast and I could see it only parts of it. For those of you who don't know what Mount St-Helens is, it is a volcano that erupted in 1980 and even if it's bee

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