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Logistics for climbing Mount Everest from Nepal - My experiences with Asian Trekking and IMG

Here is my review of the differences between the services provided by Seattle based  International Mountain Guides (IMG) and those provided by Nepal based Asian Trekking (AT) for climbing Mount Everest from the Nepal side. 

For the benefit of people looking at this page who didn’t follow my dispatches throughout the expeditions, I attempted to climb Mount Everest in 2006 however when I was 100m from the summit, my oxygen bottle ran out and I turned around.  I went bac

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Choosing a radio - GMRS or VHF

I carried two different types of radios on Everest this year – a new digital GMRS radio and a VHF radio.  Here is how they compared. 

The models that I used were a Vertex VX150 VHF radio and a Midland GTX600 GMRS radio.

There is a reasonable difference in price of these items – the Midland radio is less than $60 for a pair from Amazon, whereas the Vertex radio is about $250 for a pair on ebay and much more than that if you buy through a retail shop. 

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What Next and Down Suit review

Fiona and I are often asked what are we going to do, now that Everest is behind us? Well, Fiona has been working hard on a new web site called WOMOW – It's an Australian site where customers leave reviews about their experience with a business and then other people can use this information to help them make better purchasing decisions. This doesn’t just apply to big things; in fact restaurants is the most popular category. (If you are wondering what the n

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A look at the boots people were wearing on Everest this year

I was going to write about down suits and jackets, however I started writing about boots and it ended up taking a whole update so I’ll write about the down gear next

There are pretty much only two types of boots being used by climbers on Everest - Millet Everest and La Sportiva Olympus Mons.  Here are my thoughts on them.

My Boots
On Everest I used Millet Everest III boots. The III model is not the latest - you can tell it by the large Millet writing on the front of the ga

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