Take the Challenge

Are you interested in sharing your own "Everest" challenge online?  It could be a physical challenge (like climbing a mountain), or it might be something totally different.  My Everest is for people facing all kinds of challenges - whether it's tackling an illness, learning a new hobby, solving a relationship problem, starting a business, having a baby, losing weight - really whatever is important in your life.

Reasons to become an "Everest Climber"

Although we're not psychologists, we believe that by writing regularly about whatever it is you're working towards, you'll automatically give it much more focus and increase your odds of success.  Plus, you'll be publically committing to your goal - which makes it seem more real and might give you that extra motivation you need when you're having a hard time doing the right thing.

But most importantly, we hope you'll receive lots of support from people who are interested in what you're doing and want you to succeed.  You may even get some practical advice from others that have gone through a similar thing.  Or, you may find that your efforts are inspiring others, which will no doubt be incredibly encouraging for you.

What it Takes

It's very easy to undertake a MyEverest challenge.  The website is set up so that it doesn't require any programming ability - anyone with some very basic computer skills can use it.  You'll need access to a computer with internet connectivity. 

You want your audience to really connect and empathize with you so it works best if you're prepared to share the whole experience - warts and all.  To get the most from participating on MyEverest you need to commit to writing about your challenge quite regularly.  Ideally, this would be daily, but depending on the challenge and your circumstances, this might not be practical. 

You'd also need to include photos, so would need access to a digital camera.  If necessary, you can remain anonymous (or use a different name), but you'd have to get a bit more creative with the photos.

Remote Everest Climbers

For people that are undertaking their challenge in remote places (e.g. climbers, sailors, trekkers, etc), you'd need to have a PDA and a satellite phone, but if you don’t have these, we can show you how to buy them second-hand.  After the expedition you can easily sell them, so your costs would be minimal.  Of course, we’ll explain how to set everything up and get you started updating your website.  (In the future, we hope to have some equipment that we can loan for a minimal fee.)

If you would like to have a site completely separate to MyEverest with your own domain name, and want to be able to post updates to it using a pda, then MyEverest is probably not the best thing for you.   I suggest that you have a look at the service provided by HumanEdgeTech.

Remote Everest Climbers would also need to have an administrator back home who can administer your site, checking your updates, people's comments, and keeping in touch with you throughout the expedition.

How it Works

Each Everest Climber basically gets their own web site within the MyEverest site.  Here they can have their own banner, static pages with information about their challenge and their MyEverest updates / blog.  With a bit of help from us, you can set all this up yourself.  Once you're up and running, you can then send your site details to their friends and family, who can choose to subscribe to your updates so that they get an email each time a new update is posted.  People viewing the updates can send messages of support by leaving comments - you receive an email each time a new comment is posted.

Share an Everest Story from your past

Have you already conquered an Everest goal that you'd like to share online?  Everest Stories are basically the same as Everest Climbs but they've already happened.  Putting it down in words may help someone facing the same kind of thing that you've been through, and you'll also get comments from others that read it.

Take the First Step

To enquire about writing an Everest Story or becoming an Everest Climber, please email us at: 

We look forward to hearing from you,

Paul & Fiona