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The Inspiration.....You

Paul (left) and Fiona on the slopes of the Lhotse Face between Camp 3 and 4, Mt Everest 2006MyEverest was inspired after our climb of Mount Everest in 2006.  When preparing for our trip, we worked towards getting the necessary mountaineering experience, sought out the right equipment and trained as hard as we could.  But knowing that our expedition would be as much an emotional and mental challenge as a physical one, we also set up a website where our friends and family could track our progress and communicate with us along the way.

And it worked.  Everyday we'd post an update describing our progress on the climb and we'd receive messages - not only from friends and family, but from people all over the world - supporting us and giving us new perspectives on our climb.  Perched in a tent on the side of Mt Everest with the wind howling outside, this made us feel like we weren't alone and played a huge part in keeping our spirits high throughout the climb.

But more importantly, our website had a far greater reach than we had ever imagined - engaging all kinds of people and even inspiring lots of people to set and strive for their own new goals.  Here's a small sample of some of the messages we received...

  “…I can't even begin to tell you how inspired I am by you both. Following your adventure has motivated me to get off my sofa and on the treadmill. I have done almost nothing since I had my first child 5 years ago. Now I am working to become more and more active…Thank you so much for posting this blog and the great pics. You have given me back a gift I thought I had lost forever - the great outdoors…”
  "I am battling osteoarthritis and just trying to get motivated to change this downward spiral I feel on. Your motivation, stamina and strength encourages, inspires, and excites me. Thank you for sharing this....”
  “Congratulations once again on such a fine effort!  Our latest news is that we are expecting our first child this weekend.  This is my Everest!!”
  “Paul and Fiona congratulations, I look forward to seeing your messages each day, and take some considerable inspiration from your fantastic efforts. I am climbing a mountain of my own these days so I will race you both to the top.”

When we were back home and reflecting on our trip and re-reading our messages, this kind of stuff just blew us away.  We never imagined that a website about our climb could have such an effect on people ...which is why we set up MyEverest. 

What is MyEverest?

Fiona and Paul - on a trip to Europe before their 2006 Everest climb.

MyEverest is a website that allows people to easily create and update their own webpages, so that they can share the journey of a personal challenge online.  We believe that the process of regularly writing about a project or problem, along with connecting with others for support and new perspectives, is hugely beneficial for all kinds of people facing all kinds of life challenges. 

MyEverest is provided free-of-charge - for us, it's a hobby that we hope will help others achieve something that they thought was impossible.  We’re passionate about making this technology as accessible as possible so that others can get the same benefits we received on Everest.

For climbers and other people pursuing outdoor adventures, the technology to do this kind of thing is usually extremely complicated.  With MyEverest, we've created an interface which supports remote uploads using a PDA and satellite phone.  We can also help with advice on this hardware and, in the future, we hope to be able to provide equipment for expeditions.

Our Everest was indeed Mt Everest, but it was our experience on reporting back on our challenge and receiving thousands of encouraging messages that inspired us to set up this forum for all kinds of life challenges.

Take the Challenge

Do you have an impossible dream?  Something you’d do anything for?  Take the MyEverest Challenge and learn a new skill, lose weight, start a business, finish some business, meet a target, quit smoking, make the team, write a book, find a life partner, mend a broken relationship, buy a house, buy a block of houses, sail around the world, meet new people, break a habit, achieve a physical challenge, build something, move on, or whatever gives you the tingles...

By regularly writing about your challenge and receiving support and advice along the way, we believe that you’ll have a far greater chance of achieving your goal. No matter how big the challenge, it’s much easier with a support network. 

Help someone achieve their goal today and they could be helping you with yours tomorrow.  What mountain do you have to climb?  If you're interested, read about Taking the Challenge here.

Or, read more about Fiona and Paul's 2006 Everest climb here.

We hope you enjoy MyEverest,

Paul and Fiona :)