My Everest

Great site. Love to follow what is going on. With next years crop and any new My Everesters that may come up, the front page is getting a little crowded. Are there any plans to archive the older inactive Everests and to keep the current out front. I'm not suggesting you get rid of anything just keep the more recent and active ones out front.

An archive would allow anyone access to the older information. Keep up the great work.

Good suggestion

Jill, Dallas, TX
Spuddler, you made a great suggestion. I miss the fact that no one is active at the moment. It would be great if all previous individuals' pursuits were archived. I'm sure if Paul and Fiona can do it they will.


Hi Jill and Spuddler,
Yes, we need to change the way the homepage works. I was thinking that something that listed the most recent updates in chronological order could work.
Regards, Paul.