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YouTube clip of me at camp two after my summit

  For those who may be interested, I've put a short clip of video film onto, which I took soon after arriving back at camp two, the day after summitting. I was awfully tired, and just wanted to sleep, but I was vaguely aware that this was a special time in my personal history, and I would like some record of it. I look wrecked, because I was wrecked!! You can tell that underneath the calm outside, I was quite emotional about the fact that I'd summitted, but I was trying to keep

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Reflections on the climb, from home!

 Well it's eleven days since that summit, I've been spoiling myself with luxuries for five days, and the world already seems a very different place. I'm not starving hungry for a start! I'm still not sleeping too well, because that ear of mine is remarkably tender...though everyone who now looks at it says it doesn't look as bad as they thought...they should try laying on it!!!

I'm surprised at the strength of feeling so many other people express about my success. It almost means mor

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My climb to the summit (part three)

So, this was the moment. We'd had a hell of a few days between us, we'd been down in Pangboche at 3900m six days ago or so. The weather was probably against us after tonight, it was now or never. No nice long rest option anymore.

Off I set, gently up on snow for an hour or so, steepening towards steeply sloping rock and slatey scree in the mid-section of the route to the balcony area at around 8450m. The Sherpa and I spoke little. I hated the change in nature of that route compared to 200

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My climb to the summit(part two)

Not for the first time on this trip, we were all caught between a rock and a hard place! We needed to get fluid, lots of it, into us before our next phase of ascent up to the Col(camp four, 7960m)...yet we needed to get up there ASAP, so that we had as much rest as possible and also time for more hydration before setting off again for the summit! The more we delayed, the hotter it might get on the face etc etc.

In the event after taking a cup or two of water, the sherpa's politely pushed

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