June 4, Back Home!!

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Well, I finally made it home.
It was great to land Sunday evening at Vancouver Airport and be met by my wife Sarah.  We took the ferry over the next day to the island.

So, now I am thinking, what does it all mean...I will be processing the trip for a while.

It is now Wednesday in beautiful, sunny, green Shawnigan Lake.  Everything is so lush. 
My weight
The biggest shock is that I weighed myself yesterday and...I weigh the same as when I left!  I couldn't believe it.  However, Sarah reminded me that I had summitted 2 weeks ago to the day.  I had hydrated and ate consistently up until, and during, my summit bid and then consumed many Pringles in Kathmandu before flying, so there you go.  9 weeks away climbing and no weight loss. This is probably more of a testament to my self care during my climb then any post climb Fanta and Pringle consumption (I hope.)  As of today I am back on my training schedule (minus the chocolate bars).

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Welcome home

Hi Angus!
Welcome home! I am sure it must all feel pretty surreal by now - 2 weeks ago to the day? How fast time flies! I hope you are enjoying spending loads of time with Sarah, and being back in the green of Shawnigan... Congratulations again and welcome home. When are you coming through Calgary so we can see the pictures??

Congrats Angus

Way to go Angus! Must have been an extraordinary journey. Wow ! Enjoy your summer and hope to run into you and Sarah sometime soon...Best Wishes,
John Langford


Hi Angus,
Way to go! I realize this is rather late, but I just ran into a prevous student of yours at Bragg Creek Physio clinic and asked about you. She gave me your blog to read about your adventure, it sounds amazing.
I was at Shawnigan lake school for a bike race this summer- I'll have to look you up next time.
Lisa Le Poole