Final Post

DATE: February 26, 2009

LOCATION: Highview hotel, Ngorongoro Crater

We had a great safari day. Watched two cheetahs hunting a gazelle, so many other animals also.

Our 3 day safari people fly out tomorrow night and the 5 day folks go to the Serengeti to sleep in a tented camp with hyenas outside the doors. We will also be visiting Maasi markets, woodcarvings and an orphanage that people have sent clothing over for.

This will be the last time we post and receive emails.

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Ele is with us

DATE: February 25, 2009 LOCATION: Karatu, Safari in Manyara Safari folks here. 4 of our group went home today and the rest of us headed out on safari. First though we had chai and mandazi (africa doughnut) at Yusuf's house. It was a very special invite that allowed us to share how people here live. Lunch included barbeque goat. Safari is unbelievable. As you can see from the picture. It is everthing you can imagine. So many animals. It was an especially good giraffe day. We continu

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We are at hotel

DATE: February 24, 2009 LOCATION: Moshi, Hotel. Shower. 8 hour hike. Yes, we are all safe and in town. Trying to shower the dirt off of us. We will put up two more posts on safari. This photo is to share with you some of the 1500 names that went to the top of supporters and other honored ones. What a privilege this has been!

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Summit Success!

DATE: February 23, 2009 LOCATION: Uhuru Peak, 19,341 feet. Clear, 20 degrees Meghan here; Though oxygen deprived, and shell shocked, summitting Kilimanjaro was miles beyond what I ever thought I could do. The combination of the guides, porters and climbers this has been an experience of a lifetime. Can't wait to share our stories, mambo, safi kapiza. We had all 18 climbers make the top. That is a very special and unusual count.

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