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Back in Kathmandu

Hi its Cas here

This morning the weather was excellent again, so we had no problem getting a flight out of Lukla. We had a small celebration with the guides last night, but as we had to get up at 6 am it was only a small one.

The flight to KTM was as exhilarating as the flight into Lukla. Paul B managed to tke some good video footage courtesy of a bubble window on the right handside of the small plane. He could virtually stick his head out of the plane which was awesome.

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Local time: 18:00 19 Nov 2007
Location: Lukla
Altitude: 2800m
Weather: Sunny all day

Hi its Cassra here. Another 8 hour trekking day ( the 4th one in as many days ) brought us back to Lukla, where we started our trek 20 days ago. Again we had a beautiful sunny warm day.

Mila's Tea House
On the way here we stopped over in Benka, where Mila, one of our guides has a tea house and lives with his wife and his 14 month old baby boy. We had a cup of tea and cooed with the baby for a

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A long walk to Namche Bazaar

Local time: 18:00 19 Nov 2007 Location: Namche Bazaar Altitude: 3450m Weather: Sunny all day Hi It's Paul Adler here in Namche Bazaar. Today we have walked from Pangboche to Namche, a 4.5 hour walk. It's a brief update today as we are all a little tired from the past few days of walking and climbing. Pangboche We all noticed that the weather was a lot warmer in Pangboche than what we had become accustomed to up higher. Everyone also said it was much easier to sleep last night as well. W

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Leaving base camp

Local time: 18:00 18 Nov 2007 Location: Pangboche Altitude: 3940m Weather: Sunny. -8C overnight. Hi, Darren here with my final turn for a trip report. Island Peak Base camp to Pangboche Well, after a pretty full-on day yesterday and with all in our group summiting Island Peak we all had a pretty solid sleep in our final camp in the cold above 5000m. Although we covered approximately 15km and descended 1200m, today was a relatively relaxing walk down from Island Peak base camp to Pangboche. D

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