ESS team in Kathmandu

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Hi all, Fiona here again.
Just thought I'd write an update as some of you may have heard there was a minor crash involving a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.  This incident did not involve any of the ESS group and also no-one was injured. (My understanding is that a plane landing in Lukla overshot the landing and crashed into a wall.)  This has resulted in the Lukla airport closing.
Except for Elisa, everyone from the ESS group caught helicopters back to Kathmandu yesterday and today.  Elisa, being local, volunteered to wait for another flight so that the rest of the team could make their connecting flights home.


Thanks for that

Thanks for the update. Hadn't heard about crash, but reassuring to know they're out. Thanks Elisa for letting the others go ahead. Dave D text this arvo to say they were on the Singapore flight headed home.
We are so looking forward to seeing him, all the kids are coming to the airport, and it's Siaan's birthday. She's practising saying 'Daddy, I'm two years old', but it sounds more like 'Daddy, dwo old'. Hope she recognises him with the beard! Nearly there. It's been a big adventure. Cya, Emma.
PS Congrats again to Rich & Airin!!

Elisa has arrived at Anandaban

Just wanted to let everyone know that Elisa was able to make it out on a flight from Lukla this afternoon and has safely returned to Anandaban Hospital in KTM. Hope everyone else gets home soon and without further event!

Grear news!

Hi Elisa....great that you were able to get out on Tuesday! We caught our flight out of Kathmandu and the trip home (though long and tiring) went smoothly! I have been home 2 days already and our time in Nepal almost seems a dream - fortunately I can daydream over the photos. Thank you for your companionship during the trek and I will be praying for you and the work that you do amongst the Nepalis. Take Rosalba

Hello from Dylan

Dear Fiona

My name is Dylan i am a student from Qecvi and my interests are mostly music and art also I never really climbed a mountin before so I am just wondering what made you think about climbing the worlds tallest mountin? And since I never done that before what is it like up there? And also is it scary? and what do you like about it? And how cold is it up there? And thank you for your time I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely Dylan Hanson

hi from dylan .G

Dear Fiona

My name is Dylan I live in Kingston Ontario, Canada. I like hockey. And I go to school at QECVI .I’m doing a school project about Mount Everest so I have some questions.Why did you climb Mount Everest? What was it like on Mount Everest? How cold was it? What kept you going?
And was there a goal on climbing Mount Everest?

Sincerely Dylan

Sincerely Dylan