ESS team in Kathmandu

Hi all, Fiona here again.
Just thought I'd write an update as some of you may have heard there was a minor crash involving a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.  This incident did not involve any of the ESS group and also no-one was injured. (My understanding is that a plane landing in Lukla overshot the landing and crashed into a wall.)  This has resulted in the Lukla airport closing.
Except for Elisa, everyone from the ESS group caught helicopters back to Kathmandu yesterday and tod

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Stuck in Lukla

Hi all, Fiona from Melbourne here. The group was supposed to fly from Lukla to Kathmandu today but I just spoke with Paul and they are still in Lukla due to bad weather.  No flights left  today due to extremely foggy conditions. The forecast is better for the next 2 days so they're hoping to get a flight tomorrow. They are all well and passing the time playing cards, billiards and wondering around town.

Making our way home, stopped at Namche Bazar

Hello all, Larry here, on Friday 8th Oct.
Firstly a big thank you to all messages received so far, much appreciated.

Since our last post, must report that while team were returning from Island Peak summit, Richard decided to go off and have a swim in Imja Glacial Lake (possibly the highest in the world) and after coming out a little light headed from the chill, and proving how brave he was, immediately proposed to his girl friend Airin. She said 'Yes!'

We packed up and left Isla

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Island Peak Summit

Hi all, David Duncan here on wednesday the 6th. Today at about 7.20am, under mostly clear skies, we reached the summit of Island Peak or Imja Tse at 6180m.
For many of us this was the culmination of years worth of thoughts and dreams, months of training, and many hard days of trekking and acclimatisation in Nepal and the Himalayas.
The day started off officially at 1.30am with the usual hot tea in our tent. However, I suspect that like me, for most people the day had started earlier dur

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