Back in Kathmandu

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Celebration drinks at Lukla, at the end of our trip with all the guys and sherpas. Photo Darren SmithHi its Cas here

This morning the weather was excellent again, so we had no problem getting a flight out of Lukla. We had a small celebration with the guides last night, but as we had to get up at 6 am it was only a small one.

The flight to KTM was as exhilarating as the flight into Lukla. Paul B managed to tke some good video footage courtesy of a bubble window on the right handside of the small plane. He could virtually stick his head out of the plane which was awesome.

Back in KTM he hussle and bussle we left behind 20 days ago was still in full flow. I can tell you that I for one didn't miss it much.

We managed  to return all the hired gear quickly and have a nice curry for lunch afterwards.

The boys were keen not to waste the extra days we now have, so they started looking into a Wild Water Rafting excursions. WE managed to book one on the river  Bhote Koshi for tomorrow afternoon, will stay in a local resort tomorrow night and be back in KTM for final packing etc on Friday.

Tonight we will dine at Rum Doodle and see if we can convince the owner to put our famous Yak horn's up on the wall amongst all the Everest summiters

Thats all for now

Cheers Cas


Interesting group portrait...

Have a great day on the Bhote Koshi...

It must be really nice!

It must be really nice! -Fernando Cavendish

Belated congratulations!

Hi Paul A, Cas & the rest of the team. Its Denise here from Melbourne wishing you all a VERY belated congratulations for reaching the summit! Fantastic photos, especially the one of Cas going across the ridge. I am slowly catching up on reading all your postings and many have transported me back to Nepal and made the desire to go back stronger than ever. I am sure the trip has been a little different to the last one Cas, the benefit of only having to carry your own daypack for a start would have been good! Anyway, I am sure you have had a ball and dont forget to visit the best coffee shop in Kathmandu and have a LARGE chocolate drink (just for Beck!). Looking forward to reading & hearing more and enjoy your last few days. Love Denise


Congratulations on a succesfully adventure, it sounds like all had a good trip. Now just be careful on the rafting excursion and be sure to get home in one piece.

A couple of questions. Did any of you have to use the phrase "ma pakrau pareko hu" with a motley crew one such as yours would think that might come up. Just kidding.

Paul Adler we look forward to another review/explanation on this trip. Your comments on your Everest Expeditions were thorough and enlightening and I hope you do the same for your Island Peak Journey.


Message for Paul Adler

Hey Guys! So proud of all of you, following your uodates and such. Im sure you're happy to be back at Sea Level with Fire and Ice not too far away. We just flew to Boston to have thanksgiving dinner with Inna and Tim which was good. Played a few games, and me and inna mananged to dominate with Dad and Mary ending up buying everyone ice cream. Now back in Florida, studying for a Uni exam tomorrow.

Also I was just reminding Paul Adler about the "Peak Peformance" Jacket. I'm not sure if you have the email I sent you before, but here's what it said:

Peak Performance Windbreaker
Color: Black (if they dont have black, navy blue and black or regular blue and black is fine)
Size: Small

I think I paid around $1000 r.s for it.

The shop was the same one you guys bought all your gear from "Sports Wear International Export/Import Mountain Extreme Treks and Expedition."

Thanks so much!! I dont think Im going to make it for Christmas in Boston but I hope all of you have a really nice time with Inna and Tim. You'll love their new house along with the two cats.

All the Best, Julia