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Hi everyone, I returned home a week ago. Sorry I have not posted until now. I had a good flight from Kathmandu to Hong Kong and spent a night in Hong Kong with some friends. I want to say thank you to Jeff and Christie for being such great hosts for my short stay in your home. It was a pleasure. It was also great to see Eddy. What a coincidence that he was in Hong Kong at the same time as me. From Hong Kong I flew to Vancouver and then home. Upon arrival in Toronto I was met be Susan, Amy and Colin. It was amazing to see them. Everyone was very excited, including me. I had been away from home for 10 weeks by this point. Amy and Colin were holding a welcome home sign that they had made. The sign said that “our Daddy climbed Mount Everest”. This got them a fair bit of attention as they were waiting for me. Everyone wanted to talk to them to hear about it. When I arrived, many of these same people also came up to shake my hand and congratulate me. Amy and Colin looked so big when I saw them. It seems they have grown a lot in ten weeks. They were taller and bigger and knew so many new things. When I got home I was hoping to spend a few days decompressing, but once people heard I was home they wanted to talk to me and see me. I went right back to work preparing for meetings and training sessions. Pretty quickly it seemed as though I had never left. The question now is what did this experience mean for me? I’m not sure I can answer that question just yet. I may need some time to digest it all. It still seems a little unreal. I had always wanted to climb Everest, but it always seemed a little out of my reach. Perhaps for this reason it does not seem real. Did I really climb Mount Everest? Yes I did! It is great to be home and I thank you all for following and supporting me. This blog was an important part of my Everest experience and you were all a part of it. I will do one last posting that will be a wrap up of the expedition, my thoughts, feelings, learnings etc. Keep a look out for it in a week or so. Scott.



well done.where to next?? regards []

The Beach Metro

not sure if you know but you made the Beach metro. I will bring it on Saturday when we see you. I did not know Angus grew up in the beach just streets away from us on MacLean where his parent's still live. The put in a really nice story about Angus and his climbing partner Scott Kress!!!! He went to Malvern High school in the beach. neato! congrats once again and see you soon.
paula, rob and chicks

Greetings Scott,

Good to read of your return home to family and friends. I can only begin to imagine the mixture of thoughts and emotions which you, Angus and Mike Brennan have mentioned experiencing upon return. Thank You for sharing your experience here. It was truly captivating reading and that it turned out so well is even better. You posted your training schedule for Ama Dablam at one time, and I was truly amazed and impressed by the amount of training you do. In retrospect, was there any part of your training which you found more appropriate and helpful than another during the ascent. Will you revise your training schedule or things which you do in order to remain in condition based on your recent Mt. Everest experience, adding,altering or eliminating certain facets of your "regimen or workout routines"?
I hope that your business is going fine and all is well with Family and Friends...Congratulations on the Summit and for especially for allowing the readers here to follow along during such a personal endeavor, both informative, inspirational. Have a great Summer...


Congratulations on a most exciting trip! I have read some but not all of your reports, and am looking forward to reading the rest. Your Mother Inlaw, my Aunt, (Your wifes uncles son) told us about the website where we could follow your progress; So my Father and I have been reading along with your journey, all be it after the fact. Has the reality of your aclomplishment set in yet? Whats next!? You have been the talk of the town, the NY Clan of the Smiths ie. Uncle Johnny, Aunt Alice, My Father and me Wish you another Congratulations and some well deserved R&R.

Congrats Scott

Way to go Scott! Congrats on what sounds like a thrilling expedition. Great description re the descent.. Amazing to think you and Angus have taken that journey. Wow ! Hope to connect sometime soon. Best Wishes, John Langford