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Hi everyone,

am back home after long flight from Kathmandu....sorry bout not posting a last message from ktm but i had trouble with the equipment.

Relfections on the trip:

The trip was certainly a test of the mental and physical and im glad to say on reflection im very happy to have experienced this trip and the himalayas. The people from the guide to the porters were absolutely fantastic and how they prepared us to climb, from eating to the climbing equipment at altitude was a great effort and certainly appreicated. They certainly are underpaid i believe for the amount of work and service they do for the clients. To my guide were simply awesum and very professional...i was indeed very lucky to have climbed with an everest summiter.

Highlights: Everest Base Camp: to have experienced this place was a dream i had for a long time and to get an opportunity to see and and suck in the atmospshere of base camp was something i will never forget.

Island Peak: To get so close yet so far away from the summit was dissappointing but in another way im not devastated that i didnt make the summit.....i believe i made the right decision in coming down after getting the massive headache and symptons of altitude sickness - i mean summit is optional, getting down is mandatory ( Ed Viestures - Amercian Climber) once said. On reflection thats alot more important than breaking urself getting to the top and finding you cannot descend and having to rely on other people for help - thats something i didnt want.

One highlight was when i had a rest at about 5900m and my climbing sherpa and myself watched the sunrise over the mountains, there was no wind, no sound except for us breathing and it was truly a moment i will not forget and too see the orange sun on the white mountains was beatiful - so that was a real highlight.

The people - the people i met along the way from on the trip to everyone from this website a huge thankyou for your support and advice - to the the funny emails to the serious it really helped me along the way and i appreciate the effort everyone who dropped me an email.

To my sister - a huge thankyou simone for your efforts, advice, support along this journey - i cannot say how much you made it easier for me to do, but your efforts were fantastic - thankyou

To Paul and Fiona - a huge thankyou for your advice, support - this couldnt have been possible without you both a huge thankyou again. This website has made it possible for anything to share their "everest" stories.

to karen - a huge thankyou for your support, guidance and understanding - its been great having u along the way - luv u.

to my family - all of them- once again your support has been great - a few beers will be drunk now ! thankyou.

to anyone i missed, from friends and family to people i didnt know along this journey - i thankyou sincerely for your support.

and to anyone who is thinking bout doing a trip that will test themself - do it - on reflection its the best thing that can happen - i recommend doing anything out of your comfort zone - its hard - but i bet at the end you will certainly become a better person.

too all


i hope thuis journey was as entertaining as it was doing.