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June 4, Back Home!!

Well, I finally made it home.
It was great to land Sunday evening at Vancouver Airport and be met by my wife Sarah.  We took the ferry over the next day to the island.

So, now I am thinking, what does it all mean...I will be processing the trip for a while.

It is now Wednesday in beautiful, sunny, green Shawnigan Lake.  Everything is so lush. 
My weight
The biggest shock is that I weighed myself yesterday and...I weigh the same as when I left!  I couldn't bel

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June 1 "One night in Bangkok is like a year in any other place.."

Now in Bangkok, where it is very hot/humid (sultry!), reminds me of Guyana (where I worked in 1990.)

As I looked out the window of the plane yesterday I could see the Himalayas above the clouds receding into the distance.

Who knows when I will be back... but I believe I will be.  I have done a lot of travelling in the last 8 months, Banff, Nepal X 2, Tanzania, Toronto for Xmas, New York... it will be good to be home again in our small, white cottage amongst the trees (almo

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May 31, Leaving Kathmandu (this time I have a ticket!)

Goodbye to the "Du"

I went to the airport last night in the expectation that I would be flying to Hong Kong with Scott.  Well, after a 1 & 1/2 hour discussion with four Dragon Air employers we had determined that: I did indeed have a ticket on June 6th home, I needed a paper ticket to get on an earlier flight, I didn't have a paper ticket, I could go to the Dragon Aior Office on Sunday (it's been closed the last three days) and try my luck, and

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Photos From Kathmandu

This is a shot of me at the South Col on May 22 as we prepared to descend to C2.  I opted not to go on oxygen as I wanted to see how I would feel at 8000 m without it, turns out not great initially but as I descended things improved.









Eatting deep fried spam at C2,

hmmmm... good!  I sure don't get to enjoy this fatty snack at home that often.

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