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Scott Kress: Soldiers to the Summit Expedition

Leaving th Khumbu
30 Oct 2012 Day 17 October 24 The air at base camp seemed so warm and rich compared to our high camp. It is amazing what a few thousand feet of descent will do. After a great celebration dinner and cake we all went to bed early. The soldier team, anxious for their summit, were all gone to their tents by 7:30pm. The civilian team lasted a little longer, but by 8:15 I was closing the place down. I am

Patrick's Mount Everest Climb 2010

Expedition End
28 May 2010 Hello from Pokhara Hello All, it's Pat here. I'm not sure if there's any of you left out there still checking this blog, but I wanted to write a final entry to wrap up the expedition. I couldn't do it sooner 'cause I just haven't had the energy. We arrived back in Kathmandu two days ago, although I'm actually writing this in Pokhara, a nice town on a lake a 30 minute flight to the west of Kathma

Earth Sea Sky

ESS team in Kathmandu
12 Oct 2010 Hi all, Fiona here again. Just thought I'd write an update as some of you may have heard there was a minor crash involving a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.  This incident did not involve any of the ESS group and also no-one was injured. (My understanding is that a plane landing in Lukla overshot the landing and crashed into a wall.)  This has resulted in the Lukla airport closing.

TA's Seven Summits

Hat Trick of the Americas: Volcán Tajumulco 4220 metres
24 Oct 2010 Congrats... the great mystery of what I am climbing next has been solved by MC and Carla.  They deciphered the clues: Aconcagua plus a hat trick plus a vulcan plus Denali equals "The Hat Trick of the Americas" or my next climbing objective... Volcán Tajumulco.  At 4220 metres above sea level, it is the highest peak in Guatemala and the highest peak in Central America!

Journeys of Inspiration

Final Post
26 Feb 2009 DATE: February 26, 2009 LOCATION: Highview hotel, Ngorongoro Crater We had a great safari day. Watched two cheetahs hunting a gazelle, so many other animals also. Our 3 day safari people fly out tomorrow night and the 5 day folks go to the Serengeti to sleep in a tented camp with hyenas outside the doors. We will also be visiting Maasi markets, woodcarvings and an orphanage

Mike's Mount Everest Climb 2008

YouTube clip of me at camp two after my summit
18 Jul 2008   For those who may be interested, I've put a short clip of video film onto youtube.com, which I took soon after arriving back at camp two, the day after summitting. I was awfully tired, and just wanted to sleep, but I was vaguely aware that this was a special time in my personal history, and I would like some record of it. I look wrecked, because I was wrecked!! You can tell that underneath

Scott Kress

Back Home
9 Jun 2008 Hi everyone, I returned home a week ago. Sorry I have not posted until now. I had a good flight from Kathmandu to Hong Kong and spent a night in Hong Kong with some friends. I want to say thank you to Jeff and Christie for being such great hosts for my short stay in your home. It was a pleasure. It was also great to see Eddy. What a coincidence that he was in Hong Kong at the same time as me. From

Paul's Mount Everest Climb 2007

Logistics for climbing Mount Everest from Nepal - My experiences with Asian Trekking and IMG
9 Oct 2007 Here is my review of the differences between the services provided by Seattle based  International Mountain Guides (IMG) and those provided by Nepal based Asian Trekking (AT) for climbing Mount Everest from the Nepal side.  For the benefit of people looking at this page who didn’t follow my dispatches throughout the expeditions, I attempted to climb Mount Everest in 2006 how

Pat's Mount Everest Climb

Summit to Basecamp ... Getting Down is A Major Challenge
10 Jun 2007

Getting down from the top of Mt. Everest was probably the most difficult thing that I have ever done in my life! I thought that getting to the summit would be hard (and it was extremely difficult), but getting off the top was harder!

When I started my descent off the top I was blind in my right eye, had blurred vision in my left eye, and was concerned that I could not get my sherpa,

Pack Paddle Ski

Audio update from Pack Paddle Ski
28 Feb 2015 This is an audio update from Pack Paddle Ski MP3 File

Five on Island Peak

Back in Kathmandu
21 Nov 2007 Hi its Cas here

This morning the weather was excellent again, so we had no problem getting a flight out of Lukla. We had a small celebration with the guides last night, but as we had to get up at 6 am it was only a small one.

The flight to KTM was as exhilarating as the flight into Lukla. Paul B managed to tke some good video footage courtesy of a bubble window on the right hand

Angus' Mount Everest Climb 2008

June 4, Back Home!!
4 Jun 2008 Well, I finally made it home. It was great to land Sunday evening at Vancouver Airport and be met by my wife Sarah.  We took the ferry over the next day to the island. So, now I am thinking, what does it all mean...I will be processing the trip for a while. It is now Wednesday in beautiful, sunny, green Shawnigan Lake.  Everything is so lush.  My weight The biggest

Kade's Everest Base Camp and Island Peak climb

Back Home
15 Nov 2007 Hi everyone,

am back home after long flight from Kathmandu....sorry bout not posting a last message from ktm but i had trouble with the equipment.

Relfections on the trip:

The trip was certainly a test of the mental and physical and im glad to say on reflection im very happy to have experienced this trip and the himalayas. The people from the guide to the porters were absolute

Scott Kress Ama Dablam 2007

The Final Ama Dablam Dispatch
9 Dec 2007 The following dispatch will wrap up this expedition. It will sum up our departure from Base Camp to my return home. We departed Ama Dablam BC on November 26. We hiked for 7 hours to Namche Bazar. It was a beautiful hike and I enjoyed it much more that I did on the way in when I was so sick and feeling the effects of the altitude. We stayed in the Tawa Lodge and had a great meal and a comfortable

Diary of a Startup

One Last Time...
27 May 2008 Hi everyone, I'm very happy to announce that this is the last time I'll be posting about WOMOW because we've now reached our goal of 10,000 customer ratings.  In 11 months, we've seen WOMOW grow from just an idea on a piece of paper, to a fully fledged website with a thriving community of passionate raters.  I am personally very excited about this milestone, not just because it's be

Gavin's Ama Dablam climb

Mt Rainier Summit!
10 Jun 2007 Hi Everyone, It's only been 3 days since I got off Mt Rainier after a successful climb up the Kautz Route and now I'm already back in Ashford getting ready to do it all over again on Liberty Ridge, the imposing route on the north face of the mountain. My climb up the Kautz Route seems trivial after reading and hearing the updates of the recent climbs on Everes